This is the Place - Frankie's Place

Experience Pure Michigan Here! Beach Access via Tram, Screened Porch, Fire Pit and Private Hot Tub

  11 guests
  4 bedrooms
  3 full bathrooms
  Allows Pets
  1900 sq. ft.

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Property Features

Sleeping Arrangement

Main Level Primary Bedroom 1
1 Queen
Main Level Bedroom 2
1 Queen
Upper Level Bedroom 3
1 Queen, 1 Trundle Bed, 1 Twin
Upper Level Bedroom 4
4 Twins


Featured Amenities:
  • Pet Friendly - Bring the whole family!
  • Screened Porch
  • Fire Pit
  • Private Hot Tub
  • Neighborhood Association Tram to the Beach
Located in the Miami Park neighborhood at 7242 Orchard Road, there sits  a beautiful modern vacation home that can sleep up to 11 guests in perfect comfort called “Frankie’s Place.” Frankie’s Place is a pet friendly vacation home that is a picture perfect masterpiece that was crafted, created and built to be a timeless beauty. The open concept of the design amplifies the energy within this home creating a bright, warm and emotionally moving space. The shades of pale yellows that carefully saturate the living area will subconsciously influence your creativity, your happiness, your hope and your clarity of thought. This space was created to make your heart sing, your soul smile and to bring all your loved ones together to laugh, to giggle, to share in each other’s happiness and lives - and it does just that.

The living area is as perfect and just as cozy, comfortable and enjoyable as it looks in the photographs. The couch is a perfect place to read a book, cuddle and binge movies, drink a glass of wine and watch the fire dance and twirl about. The living room area is so charming it's hard not to smile and enjoy life while sitting in this room. Off the living room is the screened porch and this area too is perfection in its own right. It is a perfect place to have a moment, or two, to just be by yourself to process and absorb life. It is also a great place to catch up on a conversation with a loved one, or two - and it’s also an adorable place to do something cliche’ - like, drink lemonade and use the fontage fan that you bought at Murphy's Antique Mall in South Haven, as you watch the day go by.

The kitchen provides ample counter space to hold groceries, all the fresh fruits and vegetables you bought at the roadside farmer stands that are found up and down the Blue Star Highway and a few bottles of wine from Cogdal Vineyards - which is just a few blocks north of Frankies. The modern appliances will make cooking and baking delicious and yummy treats easy-peezy. There is a great little grill to use outside in the backyard for those who are Grill Masters and those that are still learning their way around the flame.

The backyard’s firepit area is a great place to enjoy life, a margarita, the company of good friends and the love of family - as you sit and watch the Grill Master, or Young Padawan, create magic or hone their skills. It definitely is perfect for stories and s'mores at night. The Solo Bonfire Stove that is the center of attention, is a low smoke and fine ash invention that is easy to use and light. It’s also easy to put out when the evening is done, bellies are full and tired bodies are ready for the comfort of the beds found at Frankie’s Place. For those whose bodies are tired and achy, and not completely ready to retire for the evening, the hot tub may be just the thing to relieve the stress.

When the night is done, you will find that the beds and the bedding within Frankie’s Place will comfort you and embrace you as you dream sweet little dreams. The Master Bedroom with its en suite bathroom will pamper your sensitivities and caress away the stress and anxiety created by all the hustle and bustle of Urban living. The Queen Beds found in three of the rooms will treat your body like Royalty and the pillows will help you transverse into the realm of the Sandman. The beds in the Bunk Room are no less comfortable then the Queens, just smaller for those that are smaller…or just single.

The location of Frankie’s Place makes it a great place to vacation - you are within walking distance to the beach (and away from all the crowds of the public beaches). There is an Electrical Tram to take you and your loved ones down the 90 foot bluff to the waiting warm sands and cool waters of Lake Michigan. The bluff is one of the best spots in SoHa to sit and watch the sunset and all the beautiful colors radiate the evening sky. The location is also perfect for day trips into Fennville, Glenn and the Saugatuck/Douglas Communities and of course South Haven.

Frankie’s Place will find its way into your heart, and into your family and friends traditions - all you have to do is make a reservation.

A Note About the Trams: Electric trams are available along the bluff to traverse the 90 foot bluff. The trams are maintained by the neighborhood association, and Shores cannot guarantee that trams will be fully functional every day of your stay. The association may need to close the trams to address repairs, routine maintenance or recharging the batteries that provide the power to move the platforms. Guests are asked to follow the tram operating instructions so the trams stay operational for everyone in the neighborhood.

Miami Park Shoreline: The shoreline at Miami Park can change from season to season. The trams bring you down to a sandy area above the waterline, with stairs & steps into the lake at either end of the sandy area. Please note that this property does not have a code for the stairs; please plan to use the tram.

Parking: 1 Vehicle in the Garage and Driveway Parking for 3 Vehicles
Pets: Dogs Allowed
Beach Access: Neighborhood Tram to the Beach



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Naperville, US
Reviewed: Apr 1, 2024
Property Manager
Zionsville, US
Reviewed: Sep 5, 2023
Property Manager
Thorough, and easy!
Clean, well stocked and a good drivable location.
Brookfield, US
Reviewed: Aug 27, 2023
Property Manager
The communications were great from start to finish. All of the information I needed was provided on a timely basis.
The property was a great spot to relax and also provided a variety of nearby activities when you wanted to head out for some fun.
Sylvania, US
Reviewed: Jul 16, 2023
Property Manager
Grand Blanc, US
Reviewed: Jun 18, 2023
Property Manager
Monument, US
Reviewed: Jun 12, 2023
Property Manager
The team communicated really well.
The property exceeded expectations. Great house in a very nice location. Would stay here again.
Chicago, US
Reviewed: May 30, 2023
Property Manager
Dayton, US
Reviewed: Apr 22, 2023
Property Manager
Very responsive.
We enjoyed staying at Frankie's Place. We rented in early April to visit with family for a 4 day Easter weekend. The house was well stocked, very clean, and a great location if you're looking for a place that's central to Holland, Saugatuck and South Haven. The beds were comfortable as well. We would rent this unit again.
Vernon Hills, US
Reviewed: Aug 14, 2022
Property Manager
Granger, US
Reviewed: Jul 24, 2022
Property Manager
The mowing at 7:30AM was a little rough. The front bedroom floor really creaked loudly. There were a few cracks in the ceiling in the main area near the dining room. Other than that things were very nice.
Chicago, US
Reviewed: Nov 29, 2021
Property Manager
It was indeed a pleasure working with Amanda, Chloe, & Dawn from day 1.
It was super and I would return